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Il segreto di una start up? Creare abitudini

«Crescita boom improvvisa e altrettanto veloce decadenza e morte imprenditoriale. Lo scenario migliore, chiosa Eyal, rimane la giusta combinazione di creazione di abitudini, affiancata però a un sano tasso di crescita virale.»

"The digital and new media sage Lev Manovich argues that interactivity is a new form of narcissism – just a more active one. We don’t see our picture in the water (which is passive), but we see the reaction to our initial action on screen. The new form of narcissism is a more active form of seeing how potent we are. The screen becomes a mirror for our activities; the cursor moves with us, things change when we press buttons: we are in control – or we feel like we are. And we like it. However, the truth is that people are controlled while acting under the illusion of choice: «With the help of mass communication, the phrase “interactive games” has entered everyday speech. However, strict reciprocity is not found in such games since the user – regardless of how many options he is presented with – is always captive to the programmer who prepared the system». The critical point is that users are invited to make choices that a programmer has mapped out for them already. The decisions become pseudo-decisions. The really burning issues might have been let on the map in the first place."

Martin Kornberger (2010), Innovation

"Boltanski and ␣évenot’s work refuses a dichotomy of value and values; instead, it fuses them in the concept of worth. Although we are accus- tomed to thinking about “moral economies” as opposed to market econo- mies—for example, in the norms of close-knit communities that embodied precapitalist traditions of the just and fair␣␣—Boltanski and ␣évenot see all economies as moral economies. Each of the orders of worth operating in the domain that we conventionally denominate as “the economy” is an economy. And, as an economy, each is a moral order."

David Stark, The Sense of Dissonance 2009 (Chapter 1)

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